Through our experience working with a very diversified range of clients, we understand how to communicate and promote your products and services. Our extensive experience will work to improve your marketing performance and impact.

 After our research, analysis and strategic thought patterns, Tech valley will then, and only then, create your marketing and design solutions.

 With your marketing strategy, Tech Valley will offer a range of services specifically tailored to your companies requirements, which include:
-    Name, Identity and logo development
-    Communication and Brochure development
-    Website, Packaging and Trade Shows
-     Print Advertisements and Campaigns

                               “Imagination is more important Than knowledge"   - Albert Einstein -

       “If we all worked on the assumption that what is  Accepted as true were really true, then there would
                                       Be little hope of advancement."  - Orville Wright -

An Integrated Marketing Communication Plan ( IMC ) helps to create a powerful and persuasive image, with a consistent and continued message to shoot you to the top of your industry.

 Developing an effective IMC program will bring in a wide range of key marketing areas that will include:

-    Target market analysis
-    Positioning Strategy
-    Message and Media Strategy
-    Sales Promotion
-    Direct Marketing
-    Public relations

 Tech Valley has a very diverse background and expertise so as to offer a full range of services, from brand strategy and market research to targeted media and award winning creative design.

                                “Marketing takes a day to learn.   Unfortunately, it takes a lifetime to master”
                                                 - Phillip Kotler-