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Customers On Demand!

Internet Marketing is now more than just “driving some traffic” to your website. 

The Internet has evolved into an incredible marketing tool, allowing you to reach out to your target audience no matter where they are, communicate with them and “seal” the deal. 

Today, a multitude of industries can double and even triple their sales, using a combination of the online marketing strategies listed below:

Qualified Prospects On Demand!


Today you can target your audience online with more accuracy than any other advertising medium. You can now target your desired audience using a combination of criteria like:

•    Geographically: Within a certain mile radius of your store, by city, state/province, country or worldwide

•    Demographically:  By Age, sex, income range, etc.

•    Hobby & Interests

•    Profession

•    The school they went to, the book they read, the courses they took, etc.

•    And other such factors.



The possibilities are limitless for most industries, but here are some of the strategies that can be used to reach out to your audience.

1.     Pay-per-click advertising on Google, Yahoo!, Bing and other such search engines 

These search engines don’t charge to display our advertising, but will charge each time someone clicks the ad and is redirected to a website.  This strategy allows us to target only people who are actively searching for your products or services.  We can also use that strategy to widen your reach to secondary markets searching for a similar products and services and which may be coaxed to buy what you have to offer.


2.    Banner Advertising 

Banner Advertising has greatly evolved since the late 1990’s.  They are much, much cheaper and allows us to track our advertising with great accuracy.  There are 1000’s of websites that you could advertise on and which are looking for advertisers.  In fact, there’s been an “explosion” of new websites created in recent years and who’s owners depend on advertising income.  With a large number of inventory fighting for the same advertisers, now is the time to use this method to reach out to your target market at a very affordable price.  These website include forums, blogs and other such publications.


3.    Cost-Per-View or Pay-Per-View 

There are now companies that create downloadable software that our market can use free of charge.  In exchange, they must agree to be shown advertising a number of time during the day.    These software company sell advertising views very inexpensively and will show our advertising to people who have downloaded their free software.  These are legitimate companies and should not be confused with underhanded spyware developers who secretly install software on computers of unsuspecting website visitors.    This strategy is in fact very similar to banner advertising.


4.    Email marketings 

There are legitimate blogs, newsletters and other such online publications that have gathered a large number of email addresses from individuals who are interested in your products and services.   This is one of the most powerful advertising method when done right and can generate a lot of sales in most industries.


5.    Launching a Referral Program

This is a very powerful method of reaching out to your target markets.  There are literally 1000’s of website owners and Social media account owners who are looking for ways to generate an extra income online.  An Online referral program is a perfect opportunity for many of them.  They can register to your referral program and add a link on their website or social media account, which leads to your website.  They would then get paid a commission anytime an individual who clicked their links decide to purchase your product or service online.   There are several strategies that we can employ with Referral programs, which we can discuss later.  These referral programs are manages by inexpensive, but sophisticated software and even allow you to pay the people who have referred you customers with just a few clicks. 


6.    A Social Marketing Strategy 

There are very powerful social marketing strategies.  For example, there is a way to combine the power of a website, Youtube and Facebook and videos to generate a tremendous amount of business.  Each of these elements are used to generate viral traffic.  And there are several other strategies.


7.    SEO  

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization.  This is the art of designing and structuring your website so search engines like Google, Yahoo! and Bing present your website in their natural search results.  This would result in free traffic and sales for years to come.


Turning Interested Prospects into buyers

Your sales conversion rates is what makes or breaks your marketing efforts.  No business can afford to buy advertising when their target audience is not buying their products or services.

It’s is absolutely critical that an effective online sales strategy is put in place before you begin your advertising.

How do you convince your website visitors to buy your products and services?  Your website must contain certain elements and must be structured in a certain way in order to maximize your online sales, or for some industries, to generate a viable number of leads.

As an expert in online paid advertising, our internet marketing consultant, Sheriff Guirguis is an expert in website sales conversion and can help you design the perfect online sales machine for your company.