Randy L. Browne 


Strategic Marketing, Branding & Business Development

Randy Browne is the director of Strategic Marketing, Branding and Business Development. As a proven leader with more than 15 years of experience in business development, sales, marketing and brand initiatives, Randy has honed his keen business insight to assist his clients to achieve targeted results.

With a very diversified and successful background, Randy has provided outstanding results in the Construction and development industry, with additional exposure in the manufacturing and retail sectors. With his investigative approach and diagnostic abilities, Randy ensures that his clients receive the most creative and effective solutions to provide outstanding results.

Randy holds a Bachelor of Commerce from the University of Lethbridge as well as a Strategic Leadership Certification from Royal Roads University.



Sheriff Guirguis 


Online Marketing & Media

Sheriff Guirguis is our seasoned Internet marketing consultant. With 8 years of experience in online advertising and sales strategies, Sheriff has tested a multitude of online marketing strategies and continues to stay on top of the latest strategies and techniques in the industry.

Over the years, Sheriff has developed a unique skill to seek out and attract qualified prospects no matter the industry, using various traffic generation tactics, which include, Social Media Marketing; Google, Yahoo, and Bing paid advertising; Banner advertising and what’s called Pay-per-view advertising; video advertising, which include online video commercial and TV commercials; and last but not least, SEO strategies.

Upon graduating from Business Administration in Quebec he went on to graduate from Web Design School in British Colubia. He has since continued his education on the latest Internet advertising and sales strategies.

Kelly Sheldon 


Creative Design & Web Layout

Kelly is a very experienced and creative professional, with a diversified background of industry, that includes layout and design in the fields of the sport industry, professional services and the restaurant, retail and wholesale sectors.

With her exceptional customer service, Kelly can utilize her skills and experience to ensure that all clients expectations are met and surpassed.

Kelly is a program analyst and creative web developer with a professional designation in photography that enhances her ability to provide exceptional layout and creative services for her clientele.




Tony Kivits 


System Administration & Programming

Tony Kivits is the Director of System Administration and Programming for Tech Valley. Tony has been responsible for the creation, development and management of internet services for a diverse area of industry, and has utilized his skills to push the leading edge of technology for over 18 years.

With an extensive background in both Linux and Windows, Tony has utilized his experience in a very diversified manner to assist his clients in reaching and over achieving results in the industries of Medical Data Centers, On-Line gambling, Video Technology as well as the manufacturing and retail sectors.

Tony holds an Associates Degree at Simon Fraser University as well as various Degrees and Certificates in Computer Technology and Programming. Tony continues to continually upgrade his education in order to provide the most up to date knowledge and experience for his clients, in order to provide practical and cost effective solutions.